Problem Solving Training

Problem Solving Training

Problem solving training (PST) is a common sense strategy for understanding and resolving problems and difficulties of everyday life. Problem solving involves learning:

  • how to identify and clarify problem situations and goals
  • how to generate and choose solutions
  • how to develop a plan to address the problem and
  • how to evaluate solutions by comparing the outcome with the one desired.

Remember to modify the plan if needed, but be persistent, and keep working at the problem.

Problem solving is flexible and has been used to address a wide array of problems and situations, including
• General Emotional Distress
• Depression
• Obesity
• Chronic pain
• Intentional self-harm
• Anxiety

It has been shown to be more effective than usual care- and no treatment or attention/placebo controls and as effective as other established counseling strategies.

Problem solving been rated favorably and many like it because it:
• Is easy to learn and remember
• Is practical
• Allows you to feel more in control
• Is applicable to a wide range of problems
• Can help when future problems arise