CONTACT Study Intervention

CONTACT Study Intervention

Active duty Service Members (SM) returning within the past two years from Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation New Dawn (OEF/OIF/OND) with positive screens for mTBI were randomly assigned to either the manual-driven PST intervention, which was delivered via 12 biweekly 45-60 minute telephone counseling sessions along with educational materials, or 12 biweekly mailings of the educational materials. Both groups received care as usual.

Masters-level mental health specialists who received training and ongoing supervision in the problem solving intervention facilitated the telephone counseling sessions. Although the PST intervention was manual-driven, SMs directed the call content, self-selecting the problems addressed.

Telephone counseling participants learned the “ABCDEF” steps of problem solving with a counselor acting as “coach”. Participants could also choose from supplemental 2- to 4-session modules that included additional assessment, education, and therapeutic strategies (including Behavioral Activation and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) to address the common problems of depression, anxiety/PTS, insomnia or headache. Click on each button below for examples of clinician and participant communication.

Identify and clarify the aspects of the problem or goal

Generate or come up with as many ideas about solutions as you can.

Think about the pros and cons of each solution and pick out the one you think will work best.

Work out a detailed plan about how to carry out the chosen solution; having a backup plan is a good idea.

Look at how well the plan worked; would it work better.

Not everything works the first time. Modify your plan if you need to and keep at it.